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Rice Resources Ltd

About Us

We are a small efficient dynamic company with an ability to call in extra staff as required. We are specialists in our field and can target services to meet your needs. We have over twenty years of experience from managing projects ranging from Call-ins, NPS’s, Regional Plans and Variations, Multi, Joint and Single Council Hearings, Committee Meetings, Inter Council Forums and Workshops, through to typing up notes, database entry and putting files onto disc.

We undertake a vast array of support work for many clients who  have found it invaluable to pass out many of the smaller tasks that were not part of their main task but were needed to keep the business well organised and moving forward. We have also handled bulk mailings, transcript services and digital support work.

All our clients data is kept confidential, we control who works on your projects and files.

For the Hearings and Meetings part of our business we offer  support services across a range of processes from Public Hearings to Committee meetings and on to Process Framework, Notification and Related Databases, Bulk Communication Handling, Consultation and Forums and Workshops.

For the Support side of our business we will discuss with you what we can do to help you, we will also be clear on what we cannot do, or may need to call in a specialist to assist with. We can handle tasks that may run over several months, either continuous or very disjointed, as well as ones that may only last part of a day. Either way they both get attention to detail and robustness of procedures and protocols.

For Hearings and Meetings we can set up in any suitable location in New Zealand, from Bluff to North Cape.

We excel at making things happen:

· Liaise with multiple sectors of people in a process.

· Sort out Venues, Support needs, Facilities, Site Visits, etc.

· Ensure that all the little things are factored into the big picture seamlessly.

· Keep people aware of protocols and processes, minimising stress.

· Manage paperwork, files, electronic data, digital recording, etc.

· Maintain records to match your needs.

· Keep costs down.

· Think outside the box to control potential problems.

We know what works and can get it right first time.

For small hearings and meetings we work with you for the simpler tasks of secretariat and organisation.