Text Box: Taking care in what we do.

Rice Resources Ltd

Text Box: Hearings Management.
For larger hearings we can:
Outline the projects needs and any key locations where things should be focussed.
Plan the project to meet the legal time constraints of the Resource Management Act. 
Understand appropriate protocols for each task/hearing.
Plan each hearing session to accommodate any local event clashes, plan moves to other locations, if appropriate, understand and detail any associated travel and attendance matters.
Manage and organise arrangements to ensure that complementary support and efficiency is given to Board, Committee, Councillors, or Commissioners and to Staff to utilise their working time when in attendance.
Format, production and mail out of notices, letters of advice, circulation of further information and documentation, as required.  
Plan the hearing session times considering Committee availability, competing local events, other related factors. 
Schedule all parties (both applicants and submitters).
Provide full site support facilities for the hearing, secretariat, digital recording, session management and liaison with parties, digital file uploads, document scanning, transcripts, etc, all as required.
Provide suitable support equipment for digital displays, data shows (with or without audio), pin boards, whiteboards, etc.
Maintain a robust documentation trail, with full file support service as the task progresses.

Since 1994 we have worked with a large number of satisfied clients in managing Public Processes.