Rice Resources Ltd

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Waikato Business Support

If you operate a small to medium sized business in the Waikato area, maybe just yourself or a team of people who are all set specific tasks, you are probably working in a niche area that allows you to apply your skills to a specific vocation. Are you like many others missing out on the higher paid income stream as you undertake the many tasks that support your activity. Many of these things you may need the next day or even later the same day, or do you not have the time to break away from your core tasks to get many of those annoying, but often essential jobs done. Well why not ask us to help out.

We started out the same way, and from that we developed a set of skills and significant set of office equipment that is often underutilised. We are a small efficient dynamic company with an ability to call in extra staff as required. We are specialists in our field and can target services to meet your needs. We have over twenty years of experience.

We excel at making things happen to a budget and on time.

 Undertake data entry.

 Complete web based collations.

 Straight typing work.

 Transcript typing from your notes, recordings, voice memo machine, or digital recorder.

 Digitising an item, or completing bulk scanning for your files. (Up to A3 for Bulk scanning)

 Document production, small run printing and binding.

 Document manipulation or conversion.

 Mail outs for your business.

 Digital Photography

 Digital Image Notation

 Organising files onto disk or memory stick.

 Think outside the box to solve problems.

We know what works and can get it right first time.